No more RV shows !!

Well after the disappointing RV show we Started casually looking around and found a friend of a friend that knew a guy ….. Our full time plans are now possibly delayed while we pay down some additional debt that we hadn’t planned on. We got a really good price and although it needs a few things I believe we will end up with a low mileage Diesel pusher in great condition for under 50k. This is a 2004 Beaver Monterrey Laguna and it is a dream to drive. So much easier than dragging a 38′ fifth wheel around and setup is so easy. We haven’t moved in yet and probably won’t camp in it till June. I will be replacing the carpet and a couple of window shades. Adding a safety device to the Norcold fridge, Installing new TV’s, and another round of new furniture. The biggest expense will be replacing the dual pane windows with single pane laminated glass because they are beginning to fog up. All the cabinets are solid cherry wood and are in excellent shape. New slide topper fabric is in order but all the major components work perfectly. The factory DVD was still in the DVD player lol.

I am beginning to think I am addicted to renovation projects. Really though this is where we were going in the long term but fate decided it was time to do it now.

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