Off Season

Don’t really have much to post as the weather has not been good for camping. Last night it was 20 degrees. I didn’t want to winterize so I turned on the propane heater and left it set to 55. I checked this Am and the basement was a toasty 45 degrees so I am not worried about anything freezing. The down side is we used a 1/2 of a 30lb tank of propane in one night. I don’t have enough power on that circuit at home to use the electric heaters out there.

We did go to the RV Show again this year and it was a little dissappointing.
At each of the vendors, they seem to carry one top of the line model then everything else caters to the newbies. I will say every year we go we seem to make some changes. Well this year we are making a big one. I will say Our final stay in our 5’er will probably be the last two weeks in March. Stay tuned…….

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