Bonded leather… UUUGH

Not mine but it is where it was headed.

In anticipation of living in our RV full time there were some obvious updates that needed to be made. We had the wonderfully comfortable and beautiful when new Thomas Payne furniture. When we bought the unit the couch had a couple of suspicious spots on it so we bought a cover. One day after a bike ride I came in and sat on the recliner and fell asleep. When I got up there was a circle of missing leather behind my head. It went quickly down hill after that. We decided it was time to either save $2000.00 and trade in or replace the furniture. After looking at many different layouts, including Class A’s, we couldn’t find anything that met our needs like the current unit does. The fact it is paid for was also a factor but not the deciding one. After much research we went with the Rec Pro replacements. Fabric samples confirmed it is not bonded leather but is similar to “pleather”. I ordered it and it showed up in three days.

Hopefully they don’t need to be able to read stickers to build furniture.

Unboxing and installing was easy and it was perfect. Removing the old furniture was a challenge with fractions of inches to spare. We had to dissassemble the couch into 4 pieces to get it out. The replacements were designed to take the backs off and was simple to install.

original stuff was so dark.
I do have to say this love seat was extremely comfy.
The lighter color gives it a whole different feel.

Time will tell but I am very happy with this furniture. It feels sturdy and the company was very easy to deal with. We also decided that since we hated the dining chair and table we would replace those also. More storage is always better so we went with ottomans instead of chairs.

That table is a moisture magnet. I wanted something we could put our paper plates on with hot food and no worry about fogging. I thought about stone but its too heavy. I considered butcher block counter top material but its too narrow. I found a place that makes restaurant tables from reclaimed wood. They had the perfect table top , the exact right size, and already finished with polyurethane. Best part is it was only $125.00 ! I entered the order and bam…. $350.00 for shipping, Um no. Rather than give up in disgust I called them and their website has a flaw in that it only calculates LTL shipping rates. They agreed it would go Fedx ground and the total bill was $200.00. I mounted it to the existing pedestal and it was perfect as expected.

We are all updated and ready to begin the next few months of half time living. From March through August we will be in the rv 50% of the time with a full 30 day stay in May. In june we are going straight from a week of vacation camping in Nashville to 2 weeks back locally without visiting the S&B. So far we are on track to be full time by next spring. I will still be working but saving tons of money till retirement time. Stay tuned !

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