Best mod ever !!

I am finally coming down to our most recent updates. When we had our TT the brakes worked perfectly. You had to keep the controller turned down to keep from sliding the tires. On the fifth wheel this was not the case. I had the brakes inspected, adjusted, and voltage tested on three separate occasions. Nothing I did would make the brakes do anything but pretend to work. Don’t get me wrong the truck braked fine under normal circumstances so it wasn’t unsafe just unacceptable. The deciding factor was when we were travelling down a 4 lane bypass at 65 mph came around a bend and there was a stoplight turning yellow. I really wanted to stop but there just wasn’t room. Fortunately, everyone was paying attention and we rolled through without incident.

I immediately began my search for something better. Research sent me to Kodiak Disc Brakes. I assembled all the items necessary from ( who is awesome btw) and had a friend of ours that owns a truck shop install them. The brake setup with the pump cost around 1800.00 and the installation was 1200.00. What I didn’t expect was for it not to work. Having knowledgeable friends do things is awesome as long as they are as smart as you give them credit for. I had studied and knew that the setup should work with my factory brake controller , not always the case. The mechanical portion of the installation was flawless but electrical was completely wrong. I yanked out everything they did and rewired it all myself. From that point forward they are amazing. It was expensive but this was by far the best upgrade I have ever done. Far cheaper than having even a small accident, it was well worth the money. From a safety standpoint I believe all large RV’s should come with disc brakes. I don’t have any pictures of the installation since I didn’t do it so I can’t share those but would be happy to answer any questions anyone may have about upgrading theirs.

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