I promise we are getting close to being caught up and these pesky daily posts will slow down quite a bit. Today’s post covers another must have modification, Max Air vent covers and remote controlled ventilation fan.

There are equivalent fans in other brands like Fantastic Fan but after researching many reviews and pricing options I chose the Max Air fan. It only takes one time of leaving the roof vent open during a rain event to consider the vent covers so If i was crawling up there with tools anyway I figured I might as well do both. The vent cover was so easy. It basically bolts right over your existing vent. It did require drilling 4 holes to mount the brackets but not in the roof. the hole are in a place where even if you mess it up they are not really exposed to water. The installation took only a few minutes and I believe pretty much anyone that can climb the ladder could do it.

While I was there I covered the seams with Eternabond tape. I plan on doing every seam on the roof eventually.

The fan installation was the scary part. If opening up a giant hole in the roof of your RV isn’t intimidating I don’t know what would be. Removal of the old fan was pretty straight forward. A billion screws and disconnect a couple of wires and done.

ridiculous factory fan is a total waste of time and money.

The most time consuming part was cleaning off all the old sealant. I used mineral spirits sparingly. Mineral spirits will damage your roof if left on too long. I kept the container inside that bucket to prevent spills. pour a little on the rag and rub it into the sealant. Using a putty knife ( plastic is safer) gently scrape and peel the old sealant off. Do not get in a hurry because you can cause the roof membrane to pull away from the underlayment. gently rolling stubborn areas with your fingers seems to work on those tough spots but be wary of blisters. It took about an hour to get all the old sealant off. Installing the flange, wiring it to the existing wires, and self leveling sealant to close it all up was a snap.

I did go back after the sealant had cured and put the Eternabond down over it. The fan lives up to it’s reviews. It pulls plenty of air in to keep us cool in the shade up to 80 degrees. It is relatively quiet but at high speed you can hear it running from anywhere in the RV. Down side don’t run it while flushing the toilet because you will pull fumes from the black tank. I also don’t run it for too long with the bathroom door closed for the same reason. The remote is the only way to go on these. It also has a thermostat to automatically turn it on and off but I have never needed the option. Only a couple more to catch us up and I will start posting about actually camping 🙂

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