Making it our own

Although we proclaim to love our fifth wheel there are always things that can be improved upon. Personalizing our possessions makes it feel more like our own. There are other things that are just downright annoying. Who in their right mind would use a 2″ tall backsplash. It’s like ” Here’s an idea let me start it for you and tease you with it.”

After a small amount of research I found similar vinyl tiles at Lowes. Removing the old was easy. Installing the new took a bit of patience.

It really was’t that expensive, if you try to forget it’s plastic, at around $150.00 total cost. I couldn’t stop there though and had to go all the way up.

The finished product alleviated my ocd stress and I think it looks very nice and most importantly complete.

Modification number 2 wasn’t even really for us. I always hated the way the step on all RV’s felt like they could fold in and collapse at any moment. Our TT was very difficult for our older pup to climb into because the steps are so far apart the new fifth wheel made it impossible for her. I did a lot of research and did not want steps that required modifications to the rv or that folded into the doorway. We finally decided on the TorkLift Glowstep Revolution. They looked a little dicey but got great reviews. They are also more expensive than other choices.

I love these. Very sturdy, very adjustable, and a snap to install. The wife loves them and the pup can go up and down with no problems.

Everybody is happy now. That’s all for today. My next post will be on my most complex project. Inverter installation and battery upgrade.

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