A little history

This completely describes how we felt when we got our first RV.

The next few posts will be playing catch-up on some past upgrades and experiences we have had with our RV hobby. I will try to be educational when I can and explain why we made some of the choices.

When we began our search we had decided we were bored. I am a cyclist and ride my bike quite a bit for fitness and enjoyment. Between full time work and 150 plus miles a week on the bike I was away from home a lot. I felt like we were drifting apart and wanted to do something to bring us closer. The answer was a camper. We found what we thought was the perfect one for us a 34′ TT with all the modern amenities. It was a great camper. Of course after a bit we began to realize a little more room here or less room there, doors blocking recliners, the work of leveling, jacking, hitching, ….. Oh and I don’t care what anybody says one ac unit in 105 temps in the sun don’t cut it. Coincidentally the local RV show was coming up so we decided to just go look. OMG so many floor plans ! We knew right away that there was a better choice in our future. I had just upgraded to a 3/4 ton truck because my 1/2 ton didn’t really like working so hard. With that added capacity after looking at everything available we decided our next camper would be a fifth wheel. Used was the only way we could afford one. The next weekend we went just to see what was available for our price range and next thing I knew we were pulling it home.

We had to move out of our TT and was amazed at how much crap we had collected in only one year of part time camping.

When we moved into the new one we only took about half this stuff. The dogs felt right at home immediately.

Moving to a fifth wheel was the best decision we could have made. It is so much easier to set up. The storage tanks are twice as big so we can go 2 weeks without dumping, Three if we conserve. This one was going to be our permanent RV. If you have the tow rig and you really want to glamp in style a fifth wheel is the way to do it. I was concerned with losing storage in the truck bed but there is so much more storage in the RV it wasn’t an issue. I can still keep the generator and the firewood in the truck in front of the hitch. This truck has a 6′ bed and I was concerned about jack knifing so I bought a slider hitch. I have never used the slider. If you have any questions about the move from a TT to a Fifth wheel shoot me an email. That’s it for today. My next post will be about my first upgrade.

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