Welcome to our story

My wife ( Dana) and I ( Ted) have been married for 32 years and have 2 adult children. We have been empty nesters now for 3 years and have been RVing for the last 2. I never thought we would love it like we do. We bought our first travel trailer and had it for just under a year before upgrading to our Fifth Wheel. Currently we camp locally for 1-2 weeks at a time and I just go to work from where we park. My wife is a homemaker and takes care of the two pups. In the last year I lost both of my parents, she was 69 and he was 70, and have come to realize how short life can be and how unexpected turns can destroy your dreams. Since we love living in the camper, we are making plans to go to it full time. During this time in my life I am trying to maximize my retirement so we have enough to live on without stress. We are lucky to be debt free except for the house and hope to have it paid for in 5 years if we stay here. If we sell it we will bank the equity so If something happens and we have to go back to a S&B ( sticks and bricks) we will have the funds available to buy something without payments. Although I am only 53 I plan on retiring in 6 years. I have a retirement savings from my work where I have been for 28 years and plan on living on that till our Social Security kicks in. We want to work/camp and host while we are in our travels. Not just for the money, I think it will be fun. To begin this adventure we are starting a 12 month plan to liquidate all our extra stuff. It is amazing how much crap you can accumulate in a 2000 square foot house. It seems to be worse since we are the only ones here as those extra rooms tend become closets. I have items in the attic that I haven’t seen since we moved here. I am just not sure why we kept that stuff. To make this more entertaining I have never done a blog before so this will be a new experience. Bare with me as I learn. I will try to add more content and keep it educational and entertaining. There are a lot of people that do this and everyone’s story is different so I hope you enjoy ours.

10 thoughts on “Welcome to our story

  1. Wow… sounds like a great plan! I’m jealous as we seemed to have done this (life) backwards. But I’m hoping to get another camper and travel again, too.


  2. Ted and Dana. I love you both. I hope y’all get to do this. As you know you never know when your time is up. Have fun while you can. Love y’all. Auntie Alice


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